12 June, 2024

Regional Centre

Achievement /unique achievements of the Regional Centre, Deoghar (2011 July -till now)
Due to aggressive and multipronged promotional strategy and steps it has grown leaps and
bounds in terms of enrolments in last five six years .Regional Centre Deoghar has been
successful in not only marking it strong presence in the region but also providing a viable option
of quality education for the deprived masses.
Catering to the felt need of aspirations of higher education of the local population:
Regional Centre Deoghar started after bifurcation of RC Ranchi in the year 2011 with 10 centres
which became 12 in 2013.In year 2014 two Study Centres had been established .One at Deoghar
College Deoghar (87005) and another at Ramadevi Bajla College (87006).Due to extraneous
reasons these two could not be made functional despite being notified centres. In the year 2016 a
Program Study Centre was opened in Mercy Hospital Podyahat (87007) for CHBC program
which is proved to be beneficial for the nurses, parents, lady health workers of the region
towards home based care of critically ill patients specially related with T.B patients .One regular
Study Centre was opened in Pathargama (87008). Then in the year 2018 four Student Support
Centres were opened i.e. B.S.K College Barharwa(87009) ,Darul Ul Islam Welfare and
Charitable Trust (87010) ,B N L Bohra College,Rajmahal and Jaggannath Mishra College
Jasidih Deoghar.These Student Support Centres have been established from the point of view to
cater to needy and disadvantaged sections of the society. The Special Study Centre established at
Darul Ul Islam Welfare and Education trust Jamtara to cater to muslim population . Study center
B N L Mohra College Rajmahal (2011) is established to cater to the population nearby Rajmahal
hills which is chiefly inhabitated by Mal Paharia tribes. Barharwa is the block which is in
between Sahebganj and Pakur where the local population is benefitted.
Reaching out to rural masses
Rural penetration of the Regional Centre has been very good .Currently more than 54% of the
enrolments belong to that of rural population. These enrolments are mainly in BDP, particularly
BA and few Masters Degree programmes like MAH, MHD, MARD and MPS Programmes.
Empowering women
The percentage of women enrolment under RC is very encouraging. It has registered a growth of
37% as on date. The number of students among women is significant in programmes like BDP,
Empowering disadvantaged sections of the society
Regional Centre Deoghar has been consistent in its approach towards empowering
disadvantaged sections of the society in the region i.e. SC, ST and OBCs through higher
education in distance mode.Curently the enrolment figure shows definite rise in the enrolment of
these section in various programmes.Due to initiative taken by Regional Centre and the SSCs the
enrolment in offline for SC/ST has been risen considerably who are getting the benefit of the fee
Initiative taken by Regional Centre Deoghar
Promotional Activities :
Phone In Counselling for admission : RC Deoghar has been participating in the “Phone In-
Counselling” program in local media which is meant for admission in the fresh session. In this
program caller of the Santhal Pargana and Giridih region call to dedicated phone line at the
media house (Prabhat Khabar) and ask questions regarding programmes on
offer,sessions,program fee, process of applying for any program, eligibility criterion and scope
of the programmes which are answered by the present officer of RC.The same and additional
information is covered in the next day in the media for the benefit of other aspirants .
Collaboration with NGOs World Vision for promotion and also career counseling: IGNOU
RC Deoghar has collaborated with NGO World Vision for information sharing regarding
IGNOU programmes previously .Through the organization promotional materials like leaflets
/pamphlets are distributed .
Announcements in local Churches regarding IGNOU programmes / Addressing youth
/hostellors : After permission sought RC Officials have been doing announcements in the local
churches regarding ongoing admissions and also regarding provision for fee exemption .The
local population in Deoghar is benefitted by these announcements. Similarly as part of initative
to disseminate information regarding provision of fee exemptions youth/hostellers (SC/ST) are
addressed .The districts where tribal populations (Santhals) are more are covered Dumka
,Sahebganj ,Pakur etc.
Placement Drive: Placement drive was takeniyear 2017 in which Banking Organization came in the
campus and interviewed the learners for front office and assistant and back office jobs in which around 11
were selected. Bajaj Capital )
IGNOU Regional Centre has taken intiative to orient the staffs/functionaries of the study centres while
visit of the officers (ARD/RDI/c) to the same.In this two hour orientation is basically aimed to update and
sensitize the staffs towards making the student support services student friendly and effective. The
initiative has been started in 2016 and now it is conducted more frequently than ever .The staffs are
updated about new changes taking in the system and accordingly the need and the requirements of actions
to be taken in the changed scenario. Most recently we have been orienting the staffs of the SSCs
regarding the forthcoming TEE in which fresh instructions are laid down .It is done with special focus on
cautious handling of the QPs ,smooth and fair conduct of TEE .
Details of RDI/c ARD/AR :
Arvind Manoj Kumar Singh, RD (I/C)
Dr. Saroj Kumar Mishra, ARD (Sr. Scale)
Kamal Kant Sahay ,AR